KREC 2015 Renewals FAQ

General Renewal Information
All renewals must be completed by March 31

Getting Started: Renewal opens for everyone on March 1st. Renewals must be completed by March 31st. Renew early to ensure you have plenty of time to compete your license renewal.

  • Click on the Online Licensing Services tab on the home page of
  • Key in your license number and last 4 digits of your social security number
  • Click login


Next, verify all the information on the renewal site is accurate.

  • Be sure your residential address and email address is correct. The Commission uses this information throughout the year to send you important notices.
  • Make sure you license is associated with the correct firm or in escrow.
  • If you license is active, confirm that the E & O insurance information is correct.
  • If you plan to purchase E & O insurance through the Commission you will see a red X. You can proceed with purchasing through Commission E & O.
  • If you have a private E & O policy, you should see a green check mark on the screen, which means your private insurance, has been posted. If you see a red X, you will need to have your principal broker submit form #500 and a list that includes your name.

Updating Personal Contact Information:

If your home address, email address or phone number is incorrect, please update you information on the online system.

Principal Brokers:

All principal brokers will be mailed a letter to their office address containing their firm registration key. Be sure to keep the firm registration key, you will need to use it to login to the Online Licensing Services throughout the year for firm and license maintenance. The firm registration key is a permanent number.

Online Licensing Services will be ready February 20 for principal brokers to start registration and renewal.

Your licensees will not be able to renew until you  have completed  your renewal. You are encouraged to renew as early as possible to allow ample time for your licensees to renew. All licensees must be renewed by March 31.

Principal brokers will complete their escrow account verification during their online registration. Be sure to have your escrow account information ready when you login. The escrow account must be maintained at a Kentucky bank. If you have multiple firms, you must have a separate account for each firm.

Principal brokers cannot change the firm/branch address from February 20th through March 31st because of the taxing information for E & O insurance premiums.

Principal brokers must review the list of licensees association with their firm.

Principal brokers with private insurance are also responsible for providing the Commission with a private certificate of coverage form #500 and a list of licensees who are covered under the private policy. During registration on the online system you will be able to download a PDF of form #500 and a list of licensees covered. One you have downloaded the form, you will need to log out. The Commission will review your forms and email you regarding your submission withing 48 hours.

You are Ready to Renew:

The annual license renewal fee for all licensees (escrow, active, broker or sales) is $60.

  • All licensees must login to Online Licensing Services and complete the renewal information.
  • Licensees pay quickly and conveniently through Online Licensing Services. There is a $5.00 portal fee to receive immediate confirmation of your license renewal.
  • All active licensees must have E & O insurance.
  • E & O insurance can be purchased from the Commission or a private carrier.

If you purchase E & O through the Commission, you will see a total E & O insurance amount ranging from $136-$176. (this amount varies based on the tax charged which depends on your branch location.)

If you purchase private E & O, the principal broker must submit the E & O private carrier certificate of coverage form #500 and an alphabetized list of all insured licensees in a PDF prior to your renewal.  You will see an insurance charge of $10 for processing. (This fee is already included in the Commission group policy amount)

If you have further questions about E & O, please contact Shelly Saffran at


All renewals must be entered online. You may submit your payment using a credit card, debit card or electronic check.

  • You will need your credit card number and expiration date for credit and debit cards.
  • You will need the routing and account numbers to pay using your check.

A confirmation will be available immediately to print and maintain for your records. Additional information and guidance on renewal payments is located on the payment screen of the licensing system.

Cancellation, Late Renewals and Reinstatements:

All renewals must be completed by March 31st.

Licensees who fail to renew by March 31st will be cancelled effective April 1.
Any renewal received after March 31st will incur late renewal fines.
April 1 - May 15 a $100 fine is added to late renewals.
May 16th a $200 fine and $10 reinstatement fee will be added to late renewals.

Licensees cancelled for more than one year will have meet all prevailing pre-license requirements to reinstate.


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