Get Involved...Get Rewarded

The Get Involved…Get Rewarded program is a Membership Services Committee project.  This program is designed to encourage our REALTOR® and Business Partner members to become more active with the REALTOR® Association and in our local communities.

The Get Involved…Get Rewarded program is also designed to determine eligibility for joining the REALTOR® Association of Southern Kentucky Honor Society.  REALTOR® members must earn 2500 points per year and Business Partner members must earn 1500 points per year to qualify. 

The Get Involved…Get Rewarded Auction is held each year during our December General Membership Meeting.  Auction items are purchased using Get Involved...Get Rewarded points instead of cash!   

Before you can Get Rewardedyou must first Get Involved!
Please complete and return the monthly point sheet in order to receive credit for your activities!

Get Involved...Get Rewarded Points Summary Sheet

December Point Sheet

January Point Sheet

February Point Sheet

March Point Sheet

April Point Sheet

May Point Sheet

June Point Sheet

July Point Sheet

August Point Sheet

All GI...GR point sheets must be returned within 60 days of the date they are made available. 
If a member does not return the point sheet by the specified deadline,
the member forfeits all points earned during that month.


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