KREC Education Requirements

Education Overview

The KREC Continuing Education Department is dedicated to ensuring that all active licensees receive the most up to date real estate courses available. The KREC continuing education section will provide information on approved continuing education and core course providers, as well as the core course and broker core course schedules.

The Kentucky Core Course and several continuing education courses are now available online. Some providers also offer live web cam classes. Please review the provider page for more information on which schools offer distance education courses.

Mandatory Continuing Education

Every licensee should check the License Verification located on this website every year to see if the Core Course is required.

All actively licensed agents shall be required to attend six hours of continuing education courses sponsored or approved by the Commission. Of the six hours, three hours shall be in courses on real estate law. A licensee shall complete the mandatory continuing education requirement by December 31 of each calendar year. 

Beginning January 1, 2016, an individual obtaining their first, original Kentucky license is exempt for the first two (2) calendar years only, regardless of whether the license is issued in February or November. Please refer to 201 KAR 11:230 for more information.

Important Note:
Kentucky does require a state specific continuing education course (the Kentucky Core Course) to be completed by all active licensees subject to continuing education once every four years. 

Beginning on January 1, 2016, all licensees must take Core by the 4th calendar year of licensure. After you have taken the Core Course the first time, it is required every four years.  You can verify the continuing education that is required each year from the "Licensee Database" located on this website. You can also call the KREC to verify your Core Course year. No other continuing education course will substitute for the Kentucky Core Course.

Continuing education courses taken in other states may be applicable unless it is your year to complete the KY Core Course. They must have been taken within the calendar year. A state specific license law class and general skills computer courses are not acceptable. The Commission may also request an outline of the course to determine whether the content is applicable. These classes are reviewed and evaluated on a case by case basis. Please fax in a completion certificate and an out of state continuing education compliance form (available under the general information section) to 502-429-7246. You will be notified if any course is not acceptable.

Be sure to check the license verification section of the website to see the year your CORE COURSE is due!

Special Notice:

All licensees who are issued a Kentucky license must operate in accordance with all Kentucky real estate laws and regulations. It is the licensee’s responsibility to read the laws and regulations and comply with them. This material is informational only. Any omission in these documents or verbal representation regarding licensure is not a reason for waiver of a licensing requirement.

The Commission will review and assess each license application upon its submission in accordance with the statutes, regulations and Commission procedures at that time. Laws, regulations and licensing procedures do change periodically.

If you have any questions, please contact the Education Department Staff at (502) 429-7250 or 888-373-3300 ext.18.

Frequently Asked Questions

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