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Streamside Field Day - Spring 2017

Published Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Warren County Division for Stormwater Management staff is dedicated to developing and presenting engaging learning materials at numerous outreach events throughout the year. We recently partnered with the City of Bowling Green Environmental Compliance Division and Operation P.R.I.D.E. to host the Spring 2017 Streamside Field Day.  This event was also the first partnership to involve Earthforce (an international environmental education organization) and GM Green (an employee environmental initiative).  The event was held at Romanza Johnson Park, a location that offers abundant surroundings to learn about local waterways as well as recreational opportunities such as kayaking and canoeing.  Participants included approximately 120 6th grade students from Jody Richards Elementary.  The various presenters and volunteers were made up of representatives from local governmental agencies and educational institutions.  Presenting organizations and topics covered included:

Macro Mayhem – Warren County Stormwater

Students participated in a game of tag to correlate the relationship between pollutants in a stream and the effect it has on stream health.

Wastewater Treatment – KY DOW/BGMU

Students learned about the waste water treatment process and what is safe to flush down the toilet.

Herpetology – KY Dept. Fish & Wildlife

Students were able to interact with local amphibians and reptiles such as a king snake, worm snake, toads and salamanders.

Macros – KY Division of Water

Students waded the stream to look for macroinvertebrates, which can be an indicator of stream health.

Water Chemistry – City of BG

Students performed water testing of several parameters using various technical methods.

Tree ID – Jody Richards Elementary

Students identified various local tree species throughout the park.

Karst – Western Kentucky University

Students learned about the karst topography in our area and how it interacts with our groundwater.

Soils/Agriculture – Warren County Conservation

Students were shown how important soil health and agriculture are to the world around them.


We continue to look for new outlets and partners to grow our environmental education program.  If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring an environmental educational outreach event, please contact our staff for scheduling options and additional information at or 270-843-5363.

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