2011: Stacey Fergerson, President

The 2011 Officers & Directors
Stacey Fergerson, President
Steve Davis, President-Elect
Ruth Ann Bowen, Immediate Past President
Beth Wheeler, Vice President
Ron Cummings, Secretary/Treasurer
Lonnie Gann and Ruth Ann Bowen served as KAR Delegates.
Lynn Caudill, Beverly Childress, Bobby Hunton, Mark Miller, Connie Pittman and Charlene Rabold served as Directors.

Membership Totals
105 Affiliate Firms
The Board of Directors approved 13 new REALTOR® members and 9 new Affiliate firms during 2011.

Community Service Events
The REALTOR® Association hosted A Day For Danny.  It participated in the Housing Authority's Senior and Disabled and the Angel Food Ministries programs.  The REALTOR® Association also provided for 6 families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Other Association Events
The REALTOR® Association funded a WKU College Scholarship, held the signing of the Fair Housing Proclamation, held an Affiliate Trade Show, held the J.T. Graham Memorial Golf Tournament and the Get Involved...Get Rewarded Auction.

REALTORS® of the Month
Ruth Ann Bowen, Jordan Carter, Doris Carver, Steve Davis, bobby Hunton, Jennifer Misener, Chad McCoy, Cindy Payne, Connie Pittman, David Rabold, Traci Schandel

REALTOR® of the Year
Steve Davis

Affiliates of the Month
Arrow Exterminators, BB&T, Candlewood Suites, Daily News, Edmunds Inspections and Assessments, Guarantee Pest Control, KFB - Scott Bouldin, KFB - Staci Simpson, Warren County Fiscal Court PSWC Storm Water Agency, Warren County PVA, Window-ology, WNKY

Affiliate of the Year
Scott Bouldin

Other Service Award Winners
Jordan Carter, Charles W. Long Award
Stacey Fergerson, Distinguished Service Award

2010 Honor Society Members
Jimmy Blankenship, Scott Bouldin, Ruth Ann Bowen, Doris Caver, Lynn Caudill, James Cook, Ron Cummings, Steve Davis, Beverly Duncan, Stacey Fergerson, Angie Ferguson, Cheryl Goodlad, Bobby Hunton, Paulette McKinney, Jennifer Misener, Christine Morgan, Cindy Payne, Connie Pittman, Charlene Rabold, Donnie Sims, Kirk Tinsley, Andy Wilkins

2011 Real Estate Information Services (REIS) Officers & Directors
Kirk Tinsley, President
Ron Cummings, Secretary
Andy Wilkins, Treasurer
James Cook, Stacey Fergerson, John Huggins, Christine Morgan, Jack Wade and Luke Williams served as Directors.

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