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Published Thursday, June 23, 2016

The following is a passage from the Warren County Stormwater Management Ordinance:
Section III.D.1.c.

“No solid materials, including building materials, shall be discharged to waters of the Commonwealth, except as authorized by a Section 404 permit.”

This section of the ordinance touches on a key component of our stormwater program that may be easily overlooked.  Builders realize that scrap wood, trash and other materials accumulate onsite during a project.  The way in which those materials are disposed of can have a big impact on our local environment.  When stormwater flows through unmanaged areas, materials that have not been disposed of properly can become mobilized and later deposit into local creeks, streams and other waterways.  While there are different ways to manage onsite building materials, some methods may be better suited to certain sites than others.  The Kentucky Division of Air Quality has regulations that govern the burning of certain materials.  However, it should be noted that those regulations are very specific to the type of material, current weather conditions and other factors.  Improperly burning regulated materials, even unknowingly or unintentionally, could result in a violation or citation from state regulators.  For most builders, the best strategy would likely be to manage scrap building materials similarly to trash or other solid waste.  The accumulation of waste onsite should be managed as closely as possible.  After accumulation is complete, the builder should ensure that the waste materials are disposed of properly in accordance with local solid waste ordinances.  As builders in Warren County, it is very important that our waste products are managed responsibly.  This helps ensure that our neighborhoods and communities remain desirable destinations for future citizens as well as life-long residents.

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