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Published Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Sinkhole collapse is one of the most prevalent maintenance issues in our karst region.  These collapses have the potential to be very detrimental to our subsurface streams.  The effects of a collapse can obstruct and alter subsurface flow which our developments depend on for managing excess stormwater runoff created by added impervious surfaces.  Because management of stormwater is an essential component of flood prevention, it is very important to protect and maintain our subsurface stream network and associated infrastructure.

The Warren County Public Works Division of Stormwater Management has a Stormwater Maintenance Crew that focuses on responding to requests for these types of projects.  Our crew may only work in public right of ways or drainage easements, but if you experience a sinkhole collapse at any location please contact our office to schedule a site visit.  If the site conditions meet our criteria, it will be added to our list of projects.  If not, we can provide information concerning the best course of action for completing the repairs.

Our stormwater maintenance crew is also responsible for street sweeping in county subdivisions with curb and gutters. If your subdivision has a need for street sweeping and is located outside the city limits, including the annexed areas of Bowling Green, please contact our staff via email at or call 270-843-5363 to have your subdivision added to our list.

For more information about the Warren County Division of Stormwater Management and how you can get involved, visit our website at:










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